Free Mail Server on OCI

Free Mail Server on OCI – Data Block Volume

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This is the series of articles about how to setup free own mailserver on OCI.

Data Block Volume

I will use 2 Block Volumes for my OCI VM, one Boot Volume (will be created with VM instance later) and another one is the Block Volume to store the config files and data for the Mail Server. Let’s create it now.

Go to Storage -> Block Volumes:

Click on Create Block Volume button, give it a name, choose your compartment (more about compartments you can read here), choose an Availability domain, if you want more than a 50GB of size – click Custom radio-button and set the size (you can also set other parameters, it won’t change the price for Block Volume until the total size of all your Block Volumes, including the Boot Volume, will be over the Always Free requirement – 200GB):

You can leave the other settings by default (or change it, more details about Block Volumes you can read here), and click on Create Block Volume button:

Once it’s created you should see it in the list:

Now you should be able to attach it to your VM instance, once it’s created.

Time to create VCN – Oracle Virtual Cloud Network, follow this article.