Free WordPress on Google Cloud DALL-E 3

Free WordPress on Google Cloud – Overview

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This is one of the series of the articles about hosting WordPress (any) website on Google Cloud completely (or almost) FREE of charge.

It is possible to host any website on Google Cloud for free forever up to the Free Tier usage limits (or almost free, subject of the resource limits and regions used). More details about Free Tier you can find here.

Google Free Tier program will give you 100% freedom in managing your Cloud infrastructure, either you use Google Cloud Run, App Engine or Compute Engine, however the resources (and the variety of managing features) are limited to the Free Tier usage limits and are subject to change, which means at any time Google may decide to implement more limits to the specific or all resource(s), or remove some or all resource(s) from the Free Tier program.

There are several ways how you can use Google Cloud for your free WordPress hosting. Google published several variants how it can be done here. Most of those options are free for limited period of time (Free Trial) or within the credit limits (which is usually $300 for first 12 months for new accounts), after that it will cost you approx. $13.17/month. However only one option is completely free for you if you stick within the Free Tier resource limits of e2-micro VM instance of the Compute Engine (which is 0.25-2 vCPU, 1 shared core, and 1GB memory) in us-west1, us-central1 or us-east1 regions (on the moment of writing this article).

In this series of articles I will try to cover different ways of hosting WordPress (any) website on Google Cloud completely FREE of charge, using the Google Cloud features such as Cloud Run, App Engine or/and Compute Engine. I will not dive deep in details for the solutions which are not free, or free for trial period or within trial credits, since I don’t consider them as a COMPLETELY FREE solutions.

Let’s create an account in Google Cloud and gets started.